Office Lunch

You would know the first day I decide to get back on track, we have an office lunch.  It was for the boss’s birthday, so I couldn’t not participate.  Not a great start, but at least I wrote it all down and didn’t decide to just wait and start tomorrow (which I likely would have done in the past).  

It was bbq…I chose chicken with a little sauce and no bun, small scoop of potato salad and baked beans, then a small piece of b-day cake.

Paying attention and knowing I’d have to write it down made me forego the bun for the bbq and the chips…should have also foregone the cake.  Small steps.

So far today…

Breakfast (3)

coffee w/ creamer (1)

instant grits (2)

Lunch (19)

bbq sauce (1)

smoked chicken (2)

baked beans (3)

potato salad (7)

carrot cake (6)

So, only 5 points left for the day.  But, I can’t even imagine how much I would have eaten for lunch if I wasn’t writing it down and paying attention.


~ by Mary Frances on November 5, 2009.

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