Everyone this time of year are making resolutions.  Mine, of course, is what it always is every year…to lose weight.  Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been in a downward spiral that has led to an upward spiral on the scale.  I’m not sure exactly what my weight is right now because I refuse to get on the scale.  I just know that I feel horrible.  I feel sluggish, bloated, and tired and know that my endurance is way down.  I’m sick of feeling this way.  So this year, instead of resolving to lose weight, I resolve to do the following (and hope the weight loss follows naturally)…

1.   Complete Couch to 5K program.  I’ve started it many times but ended up fizzing out at some point or another.  Even if I have to repeat different weeks, I will finish it. 

2.  Jog an entire 5K.  The plan is to do several 5Ks this year, jogging more and walking less in each one until I’m jogging an entire one.

3.  Ride my bike more.  My endurance on the bike is horrible.  I can’t go far without my thighs burning and my breathing becoming labored.  I want to enjoy riding, not struggle through it and pray for it to end.

4.  Eat less.  Sounds simple enough, but not for me.  My problem isn’t so much what I eat, it’s how much.  I can’t stop eating.  I love the taste and texture of food.  I’m a member of the clean plate club and eat every bite even if I’m so full that I’m close to being full.  I look forward to the next bite so much that I’m barely aware of the current bite.  I’ve starting reading The End of Overeating and hope it helps.

5.  Blog more.  I want to use this blog to keep me accountable and help sort through all of the emotional stuff I usually keep bottled up.

6.  Drink more water and less sodas.  I drink way too many diet drinks.  I don’t need the caffeine or the chemicals. 

7.  Strength train.  I always feel better when I include weights to my exercise routine and feel sluggish when I skip it (like now).

8.  Explore more.  Take advantage of the different parks and trails around me.  Not just be stuck in the gym.  Take the dog on more walks.  He needs the exercise and so do I.

9.  Exercise with friends instead of going to happy hour.  Take walks or classes with friends instead of going out to eat.

10.  Include yoga and pilates in my exercise routine. 


~ by Mary Frances on December 29, 2009.

One Response to “Resolutions”

  1. Good luck with the 5k’s! They’re soooo addicting!

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