Still Sick

I felt better Saturday, then a little worse yesterday, and woke up feeling horrible today.  I even called in sick.  I’m hoping a day of lying around and downing meds will knock whatever this is. 

I didn’t exercise this weekend, but I did take the dog to the park since it was finally warm enough to walk outside without your face and fingers burning.  I think it may have gotten just slightly above freezing.  My dog is crazy…he doesn’t walk like a normal dog.  He pulls and walks in diagonals or zig zags (he’s 90+ lbs, so he pretty much goes where he wants to).  It’s more him walking me than me walking him.  In order for him to walk beside me at a normal pace, I have to tire him out.  So, we do several sprints during our walks.  He’s like a built in couch to 5k coach. 

I also didn’t do too good eating this weekend.  Friday night was date night.  There’s this Italian place that is the guy’s favorite (his other fav is Mexican, so I’m doomed either way).  They have the most amazing pizza.  I usually stick to 2 slices, but Friday I had 3.  Saturday, I did okay until I went to the movie with a friend and had popcorn.  We then joined her sister for Mexican.  I was reminded then that it’s not so much what I eat, it’s that I don’t stop eating when I’m full.  That’s always been my biggest problem.  I keep eating until I feel sick.  I have to learn to stop when I’m satisfied, before I even get to the full mark.  I just love the taste of food and can’t seem to stop.  I’m going to start back tracking every single bite with weight watchers.  It’s the only thing that seems to keep me aware of what I eat and how much of it I eat.  I also helps me make healthier choices.

On a side note, the movie we saw was The Blind Side.  It was incredible.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  It was also surprisingly funny.  And, it truly captured football in the South.  Here, you are born into a team and grow up with unwavering love for that team and hatred for your rival.     

This week I plan to get back on the program (eating and exercise), assuming the cold/sinus stuff eventually goes away.


~ by Mary Frances on January 11, 2010.

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