I did it

I made it to the gym last night and made it all the way through the first day of week 4 (slightly modified).  I went by the minutes instead of miles.  It went like this: 5 min warm-up, 3 min jog, 1 1/2 min walk, 5 min jog, 2 1/2 min walk, 5 min jog, 2 min walk, 3 min jog, 3 min cool down for a total of 30 mins and 1.75 miles. 

The modification I made was switching the last 5 min and 3 min jogs.  You’re supposed to repeat the first set (3 min jog, 1 1/2 min walk, 5 min jog).  But, when I was almost finished with 3 minutes, I knew that if I stopped I wasn’t going to be able to do 5 min when it came time for it.  So I kept going.  Stupid that I thought I could do 5 min then, but not later.  I just wanted the 5 min interval to be over.  But, I’m just glad I made it through. 

One good thing I noticed last night is that my recovery time after I got off the treadmill was much better than normal.  Usually, I’m still sweating and huffing and puffing long after I’m done exercising, but not last night…which was an awesome feeling.  My legs felt like jello, but overall I felt good.


~ by Mary Frances on January 13, 2010.

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