So far, I’ve been doing pretty well with my eating, but last night my guy and I went to the Cheesecake Factory.  For dessert, we split a piece of cheesecake, of course.  I had to give him half of my half.  It was awesome, but after about three bites I started to feel sick.  All the sugar and richness hit my stomach and it started churning.  I’m hoping to hold on to that sick feeling and remember it the next time I want something that sweet and rich.  It’s just not worth it.

I made it to the gym on Tuesday.  I was able to make it through C25K.  I’m stuck on week 4 because I can’t seem to make it to the gym consistently.  But, I’m going tonight.  I have to get back into the routine and habit of going. 

Today is the first day that my legs haven’t hurt due to the Jillian Michael’s workout on Sunday.  My thighs and calves have been in pain all week.  I’m sure wearing heels didn’t help.  Running on Tuesday actually felt great because it warmed up the muscle.  Of course, post-workout the pain returned with a vengeance.    But, some pain is good.  At least I know I really worked out and am taking steps to get healthier.


~ by Mary Frances on January 21, 2010.

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