The gym was crazy crowded tonight.  Maybe it’s because of the New Year and many resolutions.  Maybe it’s because the gym ran a special to capitalize on the New Year.  Whatever the reason, tonight was the first time I had to wait for a treadmill at my gym.  The one thing I love about this gym over others I’ve been to is that I never had to wait for cardio equipment before.  And it didn’t let up.  There was a guy wondering around and scoping out the machines when I was finishing up.  I was on the end, so I told him I was almost finished.  He waited while I finished up my last minute.  It’s great that so many people are interested in fitness.  But the selfish, impatient side of me wishes they’d been interested somewhere else…or at least at some other time. 

But, on the plus side…while I was waiting for a treadmill to open up, I did a round of the weight machines. 🙂   

Once on the treadmill, I did the 4th week of C25K again.  The first 3 minute jog went by fast.  The last part of the first 5 minutes was easier than the beginning of it, which I took as a good sign.  I actually got into a stride and felt good.  Blasting Lady Gaga helped a little too!  The last 5 minutes jog wasn’t as much fun and was the opposite.  The first 3 minutes where gone before I realized it, but I was steading counting down the last 2.  I’m going to do the 4th week by minutes on Saturday.  Next week I’m going to try to repeat the 4th week using miles instead of minutes. 


~ by Mary Frances on January 21, 2010.

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