Weigh in

Weigh in this morning was 208.6.  So I gained 0.6. 

I’m still frustrated with my weight loss…or lack of weight loss.  This week I tracked every single thing I ate.  I ate most of my activity points and some of my weekly points.  But, I still had plenty left over.  Evidently, that doesn’t work for me.  Evidently, I need to stick to the daily allowance and that’s it. 

I’m disappointed that I gained instead of lost this week.  I’m going to try one more week of tracking and sticking to only my daily points.  I’m worried about Sunday.  It’s the Super Bowl.  I was planning on using some of my weekly points to cover it, but clearly allowing myself to use weekly points isn’t working…which honestly makes me a little mad.

If I don’t lose anything next week, I’m not sure what to do next.       


~ by Mary Frances on February 2, 2010.

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