I went to the gym tonight for the first time in forever.  I actually had to talk myself into going.  After leaving work, I went back and forth between going to the gym and just heading home.  I finally realized that it was completely stupid that I was trying to convince myself NOT to go to the gym.  INSANE.  I had absolutely no reason not to go except for laziness and the fact that I’m out of the routine of going.  I have to get back in the habit.

I signed up for a 5K at the end of the month.  At this point, it would almost be a struggle to walk 3 miles, let alone walk/jog 3.  The gym went much better than expected.  It felt natural, smooth, and amazing.  I walked for 5 minutes, jogged for 5 (which were over before I even realized it), walked for 5, jogged for 5 (which were a little difficult for the last minute), walked for 2 1/2, jogged 2 1/2, then finished with walking at a higher incline and then a cool down.  Total of 2 miles.

My weight isn’t doing so well.  I’m going to New York in a month.  I REALLY want to be at 200 by then.  As much as I want it, I’m not doing much to get it.  That has to change.  I made at least one step in the right direction by going to the gym instead of going straight home.  Every choice matters.  Every choice leads me to my goal or pulls me further away from it.

I’m so glad that “The Biggest Loser” is on tonight, but I hate that it’s on opposite LOST.  I spend the entire night flipping back and forth.  I really gotta get a DVR.


~ by Mary Frances on March 9, 2010.

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