Soreness v. Pain

I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. My legs, shoulders, and even my butt are sore. But a good sore. The kinda sore that lets you know you hit the right muscles and lets you know that you should hit them more often.

But, I’m also in pain. My lower back hurts and not in the good way. It’s different than soreness. It started immediately after the workout, where the muscle soreness didn’t hit until this morning. It reminds me that I have to strengthen my core and have to lose weight to get some of the pressure off of my back.

Unrelated, I tried cage free eggs this weekend.  I was amazed how much fluffier and better tasting they were from regular eggs.  I didn’t buy them on purpose.  I didn’t set out to find cage free eggs.  I know after reading about the horrors of caged chickens that I should have been buying them on purpose, but I never have.  I was in Whole Foods and remembered than I needed eggs.  It was easier just to buy them there than to stop at a different grocery store.  Next time, I will seek them out and definitely buy them on purpose.   


~ by Mary Frances on March 15, 2010.

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