Advanced Weight Loss Clinics

I’ve been floundering lately.  I lose weight only to put it right back on.  I have a great week of consistent work outs and then I don’t work out for two weeks.  I’ve decided that I need a little help.  Some accountability.  Something.  So, I went to Advanced Weight Loss Clinics today.  It’s expensive, but if it works, it will be worth it.

It consists of a appetite suppressant (adipex) and weekly injections of a lipotrophic, B-12, and B-6.  It also has a meal planner with suggestions, but there’s no strict plan to follow or meals to buy.  They of course suggest lots of water and plenty of exercise.  For at least this week, I’m going to write down everything I eat and drink to see how closely I follow their suggestions.  I’ll go back in a week for more shots and to see if I’ve made any progress.


~ by Mary Frances on March 26, 2010.

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