Today was the third day taking 1/2 a pill of adipex.  So far the main thing I notice about it is dry mouth which also leaves a weird taste in my mouth.  The good thing is that it makes you drink water.  The bad thing is that the water never seems to be enough.  It never takes away the dry feeling. 

I’ve also noticed that it’s affecting my sleep.  It’s not like nervous energy that keeps me awake.  I just stay awake.  It’s like becoming a night person (which I haven’t been since college).

Finally, I’ve notice a slight appetite reduction.  But the bad thing is that it’s not that it make me stop eating (which I need), it makes me want to not start eating.  That makes me wait too long to eat which isn’t good for my blood sugar level.  I get jittery and goofy if I don’t eat.  I get headaches if I don’t eat.  I need to eat…I just need to stop eating when I’m full instead of continuing to eat until I’m miserable.  Like right now, I should have breakfast, but have absolutely no interest in eating.  Weird.


~ by Mary Frances on March 28, 2010.

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