Dinner is my downfall

I do well during the day, but then make stupid choices at dinner.  I usually don’t eat that much fried foods, but tonight we went to one of my favorite places that has the best fried zucchini.  It was the guy’s first time there, so we of course had to get it.  I have to be stronger, more disciplined, and have more willpower.  But, then again, I don’t want to never ever have things like that again.  That’s not realistic and not sustainable.  That’s part of the reason I keep yo-yoing.  I start off too strict and then go crazy and eat all the things I denied myself.  Also, I tend to have an all or nothing approach…if my eating isn’t perfect, then it’s an excuse for a free for all.  One mistake is a reason to eat any and everything so I can start fresh the next day.  STUPID.  

So, the plan is to eat whatever I want, just less of it.  Nothing is a “mistake” or a “bad” food.  So, hopefully nothing triggers a binge.  It may mean slower progress, but hopefully whatever I lose stays off for good this time.


Wheaties Fuel cereal (from our 5k goodie bag) with a banana and milk…didn’t last long at all.  I was starving my noon.


Turkey, cheese, and veggie wrap


Fried zucchini, grilled veggies, mahi mahi sandwich w/ pineapple slaw, and 1 beer


~ by Mary Frances on March 30, 2010.

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