Perfect Day for Ice Cream

After awhile of little to no weight loss (or at least feeling that way), I seem to be on a losing track.  I just hope this continues.  The good thing is that I’ve been eating what I want to eat, just much less of it.  And the better thing is that I don’t want some of the “bad” stuff.  I think that’s because nothing is off limits, nothing is bad.  Amazing how the craving for something can go away as soon as you allow yourself the option of having it.

Like today, after spending much of the day in the dentist chair, I was craving ice cream.  It was hot outside and I could only eat soft foods…what better than ice cream!!  I went to tcby and ordered a single scoop.  I told her I wanted a real single scoop so she gave me their kids cone.  I ate a little over half of it and realized I didn’t want anymore.  So, I didn’t eat anymore of it.  Seems so simple and logical to most people.  But, it was revolutionary for me.  This is how “normal” people eat and how I want to continue eating.


~ by Mary Frances on June 10, 2010.

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