Hot Hot Hot

It’s miserably hot outside and it’s not even summer yet. I don’t even want to think about July and August yet. We played tennis yesterday and today. Even at 8:00 am the humidity sucks the life out of you. We were playing fine, not breathing too hard or sore at all, but I was exhausted and weak.

Yesterday afternoon I went walking/jogging. I only did 2 miles. I alternated walking 1/4 of a mile and jogging 1/4. I didn’t jog the entire 4th 1/4 because I was worried about doing too much in the heat. Just like with tennis, it was a different exhaustion and weakness than just exercising hard. The heat and layer of sweat all over is draining. Today, after tennis we cooled off in the pool. At least there was one thing refreshing in this insanely hot weekend.


~ by Mary Frances on June 13, 2010.

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