best run ever

Tonight I went running/walking with a friend, and it was the best run I’ve ever had.  We are both having boy issues and needed the distraction.  Yay for choosing running over drinking. 

There are two main differences between us.  She runs faster than me and I walk faster than her.  We alternated walking 1/4 mile and jogging 1/4 for 2 miles and then walked for another 1/2 mile.  The good thing is that she really pushed me during the jog intervals.  I went way faster than normal, hitting an average of around 10:30 or 11:00.  But, the average mile pace ended up being 14:43 (especially because of the last half mile that was just walked).  The best thing is that my legs felt great.  I think it also helped that even though it was hot (90 plus degrees) and muggy, the sun wasn’t beating down.  The worst is that my breathing and cardio condition was horrible.  I’m used to jogging much slower.  I felt great during the first two 1/4 jogs, but hurting during the third and dying during the last.  But it felt great to actually make it through and push myself.  I just hope I can keep up that pace when she’s not with me.  Plus, I went further than I have been going in a while.  So, I was happy to be able to keep that pace for 2.5 miles.  The total time was 36:49 which made me realize that my goal of finishing a 5k in 45 minutes is definitely doable.

On a side note, I did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown yesterday.  My triceps are hurting today…the good kinda hurt.  The DVD wasn’t that hard, but I was dripping sweat before it was over. 


~ by Mary Frances on July 12, 2010.

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