Blood Pressure Meds

I want to get off my blood pressure medication.  My doctor is letting me take it every other day and then every third day and so on as long as I keep a check on it.  I go back to see him in 6 weeks.

The worst part of the appointment was when the doctor (one I haven’t seen before) said, “I’m not trying to be ugly but…”  And then he went on to explain that losing weight would help with my blood pressure.  Well, no shit!!!  I then explained that I’ve lost over 25 lbs, am trying to lose more, and that’s the reason I think I can come of the meds.  He was really nice about and right to explain that the best way to keep the blood pressure in check is to lose weight, but it still stung.  To go from other people complimenting the weight loss and feeling better about myself to having some one remind me that I’m still fat and need to work on my weight.  A little defeating.


~ by Mary Frances on August 9, 2010.

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