Stayed Even…somehow

This past week has been horrible food wise and non-existent exercise wise.  My weekend was horrible because my AC went out Friday night.  I spent Saturday in front of fans and couldn’t even think of working out with no way to cool off.  Although I did sweat enough to feel like I’d run a marathon.  Lunch was popcorn and candy at the movies, and then dinner was at a friend’s cookout (which was all yummy but less than healthy).  Sunday I went to a Braves game, which got me out of the house, but added to the already less than stellar food choices I’d been making. 

Monday morning was spent getting the AC fixed (thank God) and the afternoon was spent getting repairs to the car (not expected).  I missed lunch and then had chicken fingers and fries for dinner.  Skipping a meal does NOT make fried food an okay dinner choice…even if they were from the best place in town!!

The rest of the week involved too much food and a little alcohol almost every night.  And, to top it all off, I was one of the judges of a cooking contest/festival tonight.  We judged 6 different burgers and 4 different desserts.  I then stole a few bites of two desserts a friend was judging (her groups desserts were better than mine).  Luckily, it was just a bite or two of each thing, but my stomach hasn’t been happy with me the rest of the night.

The great news is that I managed to stay the same this week.  The scale went up during the week, was back to 183 today. 


~ by Mary Frances on August 20, 2010.

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