Latest Walks/Jogs

I haven’t posted my walks/jogs lately.  I haven’t bee walking/jogging much lately.  Here’s a recap of what I have done.

8/23/10 I went walking with the friend who likes to run but walks sooo slowly.  It’s weird…I can’t keep up with her running and she can’t keep up with me walking.  We alternated walking/jogging the first mile and then walked most of the second.  The last mile was SLOW!!

Total Distance:  2 miles  Total Time:  29:40

Average Pace:  14:50

  • Mile 1:  12:31
  • Mile 2:  17:09

8/25/10 I went walking with a different friend.  We went to the park with the tiny stones…literally walking through sand.  We walked most of it together and then I finished on my own and tried to jog a little bit.  The last mile and a 1/4 was definitely faster than the first 2 miles.

Total Distance:  3.25 miles  Total Time:  53:49

Average Pace:  16:34

  • Mile 1:  17:19
  • Mile 2:  17:03
  • Mile 3:  15:50
  •     .25:  3:37

8/31/10  I went walking/jogging with another friend.  We mostly went our own pace.  She generally jogs faster than I do, but I jog longer than she does.  So, we usually end up meeting back up at some point.

Total Distance:  2 miles  Total Time:  27:08

Average Pace:  13:34

  • Mile 1:  13:41
  • Mile 2:  13:26

9/5/10  I went for just 1 mile today alone.  I went in my neighborhood and definitely picked the wrong route.  To dodge traffic, I had to get off the road and on the grass.  The grass is uneven and full of bumps and holes.  So, I had to go slow.  I turned my foot at one point and almost twisted my ankle, which just meant I slowed down even more.  I have to do better and more jogging, less walking if I’m going to be ready for the 5k coming up near the end of the month.  And, especially if I want to make it through the 5k in October without walking at all…not sure it’s possible at this point. 😦

  • Mile 1:  12:54

~ by Mary Frances on September 5, 2010.

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