The Next 5k

I signed up for another 5k today.  It’s September 25th.  It made me realize that the Race for the Cure in October is about a month away, and I’m no where near ready to run the whole thing (which was my goal).  So, I was a little more determined today to jog for a longer distance.  The first mile was good.  I walked 1/8, jogged 1/8, walked 1/8, and then jogged a half.  I went slow, but focused on my breathing and got into a steady pace.  I actually felt great, not like I was dying and ready for it to be over.  Then I walked the entire second mile.  I was with a friend and we talked the whole time and there was never a break point for me to take off in a jog.  But, near the end (after the second mile) I told her that I had to jog some. 

I’m torn because it’s good to have a work out buddy because she pushes me to be there when I really don’t want to be.  But, she has no interest at all in jogging/running.  She’ll do it some but doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to do it.  Which is totally fine, but I hate to run off and leave her, but I also know that I’m not going to get any better if I don’t make myself jog.  So, what to do???  Do I go on my own, continue to walk with her, or do like I did today (jog some on my own and walk some with her)?

Here’s the break down for today.

Total distance:  2.35 miles  Total time:  32:35

Average Pace:  13:54

  • Mile 1:  12:52
  • Mile 2:  15:25
  • .35:  4:18 (12:28 pace)

From the last few attempts, it appears that my average mile is about 13 minutes when I jog some.  That puts me just over my time for the Woodstock race.  So, I’m hoping to improve at least a little so I can come in around the same time or a little better.

~ by Mary Frances on September 8, 2010.

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