You take the good, You take the bad

Wednesday’s 1/2 mile jog interval felt great.  Everything about yesterday’s jog was horrible.  I went by myself, so I have only myself to blame.  I was so frustrated that I just wanted it over.  The good thing (that I was cursing at the time) is that I went on a straight stretch out and back, so I couldn’t short cut it and end it early.  The longest stretch I was able to jog at once was .4 instead of a half.  I feel like all I’m doing lately is complaining, but I’m just getting so frustrated.

First, I finally decided to use a knee brace because my right knee hurts a little bit sometimes when I jog or play tennis.  Big mistake!!  It was perfect under my knee and around the knee, but a little too tight on my thigh.  I think that tightness put too much pressure on my thigh right above the knee and it threw everything off.  By the end of mile 1, my knee was killing me.  I had to stop and take the stupid thing off.  But, the damage (not major damage thankfully) was done.  My leg didn’t want to cooperate for the first part of mile 2.  I walked most of it but was able to jog some.  It loosened up some, but never felt good or smooth.  By the time I made it to my car my knee, shin, calf, and ankle all hurt.  Luckily, some aleve and ice made everything better.  I’m going to try a knee band and save the knee brace for when I lose about another inch off my thigh.

Second, my headphones drove me CRAZY!!  The cord always gets on my nerves and flies all over the place or wraps itself around the mp3 carrier on my arm.  I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be a good solution.  This time I tried running it under my shirt.  That just weighed it down, which made it pull and tug on my ears the entire time.  So I was pulling and tugging on it the entire time. 

Third, I couldn’t stop sweating and my glasses wouldn’t stay up on my face.  I was constantly pushing them up on my nose.  So, I spent the entire 2 miles either messing with my headphones or my glasses.  Just so frustrating.    

Total Distance:  2.01 miles  Total Time: 27:03

Average Pace:  13:29

  • Mile 1:  12:53 (keeping with the average of around 13 minutes)
  • Mile 2:  14:06
  • .01:   :   0:03  

~ by Mary Frances on September 9, 2010.

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