It’s been awhile

I haven’t posted in a long time due to limited internet and limited things to post about.  I recently went on an amazing trip to North Carolina.  I’ll post pictures from the gorgeous hikes soon.

My life and my weight since the trip have spiraled a little and been completely out of control.   The weight crept up slightly after my trip because a few hikes don’t give you a license to eat a fritter, caramel apple, pizza, ice cream, and who knows what else. 

Once back home, I was determined to get those few pounds off and didn’t worry much about it…then life got in the way.  The guy I’d been seeing officially ended things.  We’ve been in a weird place for a while anyway, but the finality of it has thrown me into an emotional downward spiral.  I’m not an emotional eater, as in I don’t turn to food to push down the pain.  But, I didn’t have the emotional energy to focus of eating right while all of this was going on (still going on). 

So, my weight jumped about seven pounds since the all time low of 177/78 pre-trip.  As the weight increased (and decreased and increased), it of course added to the stress and negative emotions swirling around.  I knew that I had to stop letting my saddness pack the pounds back on and cause more saddness.  Also, I felt like I had (have) no control over what’s going on in my life right now, but I realized that the increase is pounds wasn’t something that was just happening to me but was due to my choices and decisions (things within my control).  Some of it was definitely water weight from salty, snacky, fast foods and alcohol, but whatever the source I had to stop it.  

As of this morning, due to a few days of caring again, I’m back to my pre-trip weight of 177.        


~ by Mary Frances on November 8, 2010.

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