I’ve been having some pain in my left hip lately when I try to run.  At first I ignored it because it was only slight and would quickly go away after my workout.  Then, during Race for the Cure, it became not to slight and hung around for a while.  I then notice that it was fine when I walked, but immediately began to hurt as soon as I started jogging.  I iced it and took it easy for fear I was doing permanent damage. 

Then, while doing volunteer work, I met a physical therapist (don’t you just love how things happen like that sometimes) who said it was likely bursitis/inflammation.  She suggested I ice it, take anti-inflammatories, and take it easy for a little while.  She said it was the repetitive action and my body telling me it didn’t like it.  She also gave me a few stretches to do, which killed the hurt hip but I didn’t even feel on the other hip…so they definitely targeted the right spot. 

I took her advice and things were going much better.  The hip did fine when I walked or played tennis.  So, I decided to add a little jogging.  It did great.  No pain at all.  Until I added in a little more jogging.  Apparently, it doesn’t like going more than 1/4 mile at the time.  I went to the gym Tuesday and hopped on the treadmill.  The first 1/4 mile interval went great.  The next jogging interval was 1/2 mile.  It went great until I hit the 1/4 mark.  I pushed through the pain and finished the 1/2.  I then stopped and realized pushing through the pain is stupid!!  I did a few stretches on the treadmill, hobbled off it , limped to the locker room, and did some major stretching.  The pain intensified throughout the night, to the point I could barely walk by the time I got home.  I iced it and took aleve at regular intervals.  It’s much better now, but still tender and a little stiff.  I’m just so mad that when I finally have the motivation to exercise, my body rebels.


My emotional pain is even worse than the physical.  I’m still depressed and sad over the breakup.  I miss him…miss talking to him, miss spending time with him, miss the friendship.  I want him to miss me too.  All of my insecurities are coming to the surface, and the rejection is painful.  The pain, hurt, and loneliness are crushing at times.  And what’s worse is that I can’t do anything to fix it.  No amount of icing, stretching, or aleve will make it go away.   


~ by Mary Frances on November 17, 2010.

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  1. But time (and maybe even a little frozen yogurt) will.

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