Fast forward one year

Visions of my future self.  I started this post as sort of a letter to myself next year.  But, it started with lots of “you”s that I decided to turn into affirmations of what “I” will do and be by this time next year.  The past few years have left me lonely, unhappy, and discontent with my life.  2010 has made me a little healthier and motivated towards reaching my goals.  I pray 2011 brings me to those goals and creates new ones I haven’t even imagined yet.  So, at this time next year, I plan to be able to say the following:

I will be healthier.  I will be smaller.  I will be a runner.  I will have run several 5ks and will be training for a half marathon.  I will be toned and strong.  I will have muscles.  I will be more active, spending time playing tennis, running, going to the gym, hiking, playing with the dog, simply being more involved and active.  I will be eating whatever I want, not denying myself anything, but I will stop when I’m full and not overindulge.  I will have control over my obsession with food.  Eating healthy will have become a habit, second nature.  I will be happy.  Whether I’m in a relationship or not, I will be content with my life.  My life will be full of activities, events, hobbies, friends, and family that give me energy, lift my spirits, and make me enjoy my life.

It should be interesting to see if the things I wish for now happen next year or if things change so much that these hopes have been cast aside or no longer seem important. 


~ by Mary Frances on December 31, 2010.

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