What About Bob?

dvd-cardio-largeI’ve done several of Jillian Michael’s DVDs and even bought one of her books.  She’s just as hard core as she seems on the show.  But, what about Bob?  I’ve never done any of his workout DVDs…until yesterday.  He had us all fooled during those first few seasons of Biggest Loser.  We all thought he was the “nice one.”  As the seasons progressed we saw a more intense side of him come out.  The DVD (Body Rev/Cardio Conditioning) is a good mix of the nice ‘I’m here to help you get healthy’ side and the intense ‘you’re going to have to work your butt off to get there’ side. 

The DVD come with two workout options.  One is a one hour long and the other is 25 minutes.  I did the hour long workout.  Bob started the workout by explaining that the most important muscle you have to work isn’t your in your legs, arms, or core; it’s your heart. And he intends to strength it by pushing you until you think it’s about to beat out of your chest.  Bob was good at using old school moves like dead lifts and squats in ways that keep you from getting bored.  He was also good at pushing that was encouraging without making you want to punch him through the screen.  He keeps you moving for the entire hour with no real rest or transition breaks.  And, be warned, he’s a fan of making you hold the last move until your whole body is shaking.

The only negative thing about the DVD is that the people doing the moves aren’t always in sync with him or each other.  To me it was a little confusing, especially when the camera switched from one to the other and one was lifting while the other was lowering.  One other thing to note:  the DVD states that 1-2 lb hand weights are recommended.  But most of the work is done with one “heavy-weight.” I used a 5 lb weight. 


~ by Mary Frances on January 16, 2011.

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