1st week weigh in

It’s hard to believe it’s been just a week that I started Weight Watchers online.  Today was the first weigh in:


That’s a lose of 3.8 lbs!!!  YAY.  Here are a few thoughts and observations from the first week:

  • Weight Watchers is all about choices, not deprivation.  You can eat whatever you want, but it has to balance out with what you eat during the rest of the day.  This week I was able to have wine, chocolate, Mexican food, pizza, and even smores.  But I also ate lots of fruit, veggies, and low fat dairy. 
  • Watching portion size can help you eat what you want, just less of it.  We all know to pay attention to the serving size to make sure we aren’t eating more than we think we are.  But, you don’t always have to eat the entire serving size.  Like my favorite granola…the serving size is 3/4 cup, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat 3/4 cup every time I have it.  1/2 cup is plenty for cereal and 1/4 cup is just enough over yogurt.  And, just because the serving size of chocolate is 3 pieces, doesn’t mean you have to have all three.  So you can reduce the number of points by not always thinking you have to have the whole serving size.
  • Tracking everything is much easier this time because I have access to Weight Watchers online on my phone (I have a Droid, so I don’t have the iPhone app).  I can look points up before I eat to help me plan better, and I can instantly track what I’m eating.  Also, you don’t have to feel self conscious about it by pulling out books or writing everything down in front of people.  I did it on my phone and no one even knew or questioned it. 
  • If you’ve ever done Weight Watchers before, the PointsPlus points are higher and that takes some getting used to.  I would calculate the points of some things and think they weren’t worth it (again it’s all about choices), then I realized they were because you get more daily points than you used to.

Things to work on this week:

  • I need to eat more vegetables.  I’ve done well eating more fruit and low fat dairy, but I need eat more veggies, especially when at home.  It’s weird, I tend to eat more vegetables when eating out than when eating at home.
  • I need to exercise more.  I need to get into a routine and make it a habit.  I was limited this past week because we were iced in a few days, but I should have done better.  I’m still sore from the Bob DVD, which just shows how out of shape I am. 
  • I want to space out my meals better to add in small snacks so that I’m eating every 3 hours or so to increase my metabolism and even out my blood sugar.         

~ by Mary Frances on January 17, 2011.

One Response to “1st week weigh in”

  1. Almost 4 pounds? Own it, woman!

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