Trying Something New

I admit that I’m a sucker for at home DVD workouts.  Part of it is because I like variety and try to mix things up.  But I should confess that I get bored or lazy quick and am always looking for the next thing.  The thing that I will stick with and do consistently.  My problem is that I start out all gung ho and then fade fast.  So, I’m always trying something different to renew the excitement and motivation that comes when I start something new.  My problem is in the follow through.  In sticking with it and continuing when the initial high is gone.  I’m a firm believer that pretty much any exercise routine or diet plan will work as long as you actually DO it.  It’s the doing part that I have trouble with.  I’m trying to do better.  I’m hoping this blog will help keep me on track or at least make me aware when I’m slacking off.

So, on to the latest DVD.  I’m probably the last person in the world to try Zumba, but I finally did.  It’s like everyone says it is.  FUN and a good workout without even realizing you are working out.  I started with the Basics & 20 Minute Express.  Basics shows you step by step how to do 24 moves.  I watched it and then did the 20 Minute Express workout.  It was fun and easy, and I was sweating before I knew it.  It’s one of the few exercises I’ve done where I felt energized when it was over rather than wanting to pass out in the floor.  The only potential problem is that it uses a lot of hip action, which I felt immediately in hip with bursitis.  I’ll know in the morning if it’s good for the hip, or very very bad.   


~ by Mary Frances on January 28, 2011.

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