The Best T-shirt Ever

The weather here was finally nice over the weekend.  You never realize how warm 70 is until you’ve been having snow and ice storms.  A friend and I took advantage of the warmer weather and went to the park to play tennis.  I threw on a pair of shorts, grabbed the t-shirt out of my gym bag, and headed out the door.

Fast forward to today.  On the way to the gym, I realized that I didn’t have a t-shirt.  Luckily, they sale shirts there.  They are unisex shirts, and I know the xl is too big because I already have one.  So I wanted to try the large and hoped it would fit.  Of course, they were waiting on a shipment of larges and didn’t have single one.  What to do…get the xl that I knew didn’t fit or get the medium that I knew wouldn’t fit either.  I can’t believe the thought of getting the medium even crossed my mind.  But, I went for it anyway.  I figured, who cares if it’s a little tight…I’m at the gym surrounded by lycra and spandex.  I got to the dressing room, held it up, and laughed a little thinking you are going to regret this.  Then I pulled it on.  And IT FIT!!!  Not tight at all.  A medium freakin’ fit.  A!!! I’m so grateful that I forgot to re-pack a shirt and even more grateful that the shipment of larges hadn’t quite made it in.


~ by Mary Frances on January 31, 2011.

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