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I’ve done a few 5ks, but yesterday I was involved on the other end of things.  Rather than running in the race, I helped organize it.  It was odd standing at the finish line as racers crossed.  I found myself wishing I was one of them.  Longing to be racing again.  It also made me appreciate how much actually goes into planning and organizing a race.  

In addition to the 5k, we also did a health expo, and community outreach program.  The point was to bring awareness to childhood obesity.  We focused on a local community with low income and high crime rates.  Those kids face an even harder time than the rest of us.  They don’t have access to healthy, fresh food or the means to afford them even if they did have access.  Fast, unhealthy food is cheaper.  Large grocery stores offering fresh, organic produce don’t open in this area of town.  Also, most heartbreaking, is that the kids can’t run and play outside like most children.  They don’t have nice parks to play in.  It’s not safe for them to be on the streets of their neighborhood.  Their own yards aren’t safe. 

As part of the awareness and outreach program, some of us went into their schools to give nutrition information and fitness challenges.  But I spend all my time on the logistics of the race.  So it wasn’t until yesterday that I interacted with the kids and their parents.  It was awesome to see that at least for a little while, they were able to play games, learn about nutritious snacks, get health screenings, do a fun run, and just be kids.   

It (and the race) reminded me that I have no excuse to not be healthy and active.

~ by Mary Frances on March 6, 2011.

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