stop and reverse directions

Well, I finally stopped yo-yoing with those 4 lbs.  Now I’m simply gaining weight…no yo-yo back down  Sad smile  

I’ve been in I don’t care mode for too long.  I’ve been busy and stressed lately (with work and personal life) and haven’t had the extra energy to focus and devote to losing weight.  Even when having fun and relaxing, I’ve overindulged and rewarded myself by not thinking about what I was eating or drinking, or how much.  That behavior is just punishing me because I’m exhausted, cranky, bloated, and overall feel like crap.

It has to stop.  It stops today.

I’m going to start taking care of myself more.  Focusing on the good things and trying to let go of the bad…or at least work through them, learn what I can from them, and move on. 

I’m going to start posting more often and about more that’s going on in my life.  Rather than just focusing on weight loss, it’s going to be more of trying to get healthier and happier in all areas of life.  I used to have a lifecasting blog and will sort of get back to that.  Weight loss will still be the main focus, but all areas of life affect me, so all areas will be explored. 


~ by Mary Frances on March 6, 2011.

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