Scavenger Hunt

Every year our local newspaper does a scavenger hunt in a specific location around town.  They take pictures of unique items throughout the area.  Then we run around like idiots trying to find the item in the picture.  Some things are easy to find, but others are nearly impossible.  Sometimes it’s hard to even know what it’s a picture of, so you can walk by it multiple times before you realize it’s what you’re looking for.

This year the location was the new Railroad Park in downtown.  Part of the point of the scavenger hunt is to introduce people to an area that they may not normally go to.  It definitely worked.  Between the gorgeous weather and the hunt, the park was over flowing with people.  But, the park was so spread out that it never felt crowded.  Kids and dogs were everywhere.  People were flying kites, having picnics, riding bikes, and playing with balls and frisbees…including one that I turned around just in time to see it fly by within inches of my face.  I didn’t even realize how close it came until I saw the expression of the guys face who threw it (it was the wind’s fault, not his).

There were multiple trails through the park, lots of green spaces and man-made ponds, and even a “creek” running along one side of the park that was the perfect depth for kids to splash in.  What an amazing place in the middle of the concrete and towering buildings of the city.  Now that the time has changed and we will have some daylight after work, I can’t wait to head to the park before heading home.



Thanks to the scavenger hunt, we walked and walked and covered the park at least four times.  What an awesome way to get in exercise without even trying.  I never would have walked around the park that much if I told myself I had to do it.  But, searching for needles in the haystack took the focus off the walking and made it effortless and fun.  I’m clearly one of those people who has to have fun with a by product of exercise rather than exercising just for the sake of exercising.


~ by Mary Frances on March 13, 2011.

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