Night at the Museum

Lately my dating life has felt like a season of Sex and the City…without so much of the sex.  Thanks to an online dating site, I’m meeting more people and giving my friends and me new material for why all the goods ones are taken and how we’ll always be single.

I tried a different site a few years ago that ended in complete disaster and left me with a broken heart that will never quite be the same.  So, this time I chose a different site and am looking for more dates instead of an intense relationship right away.  Most guys understand that, except for one who somehow thought I became his girlfriend somewhere between the dinner and the movie on the second date.  More on him later.  On to a fun night…

One guy is a member of the junior patrons of the local art museum.  He gets invites to various events sponsored by the museum and brought me along to see the home collection of a couple who are true patrons of the museum.  They had maybe 20 people in their condos (each floor has two, so they bought both for one massive condo…insane).  It was a night filled with lots of wine, interesting conversation, and fascinating art.  It truly felt like a night in New York.  We were in an amazing condo with a floor to ceiling (complete to the second floor) window that gave a spectacular view of the city below.  They have an eclectic collection of art and there was an eclectic group of people there.  I usually don’t do well in a group where I don’t know people.  It was only the second date with the guy, so I didn’t even really know him.  But, there’s something about art (and wine) that opens you up and connects you to people.  The conversations weren’t stuffy or snobby, but more about your reaction to a piece, the emotion it invoked, or the political statement it was trying to make.  One piece brought out the most conversation because it wasn’t what it seemed and each time you looked at it you saw something new.         

It was an amazing night where I caught a glimpse of the person I want to be.  The one who talks easily to anybody about anything, who isn’t shy, isn’t worried about what people think and doesn’t struggle to find the right thing to say.


~ by Mary Frances on March 19, 2011.

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