New Source of Motivation

I just signed up for a cruise with friends.  It begins October 27th…7 months away.  My goal weight (for now) is 145.  My current weight is 180 (not good, but it had gotten as high as 186).  That gives me 7 months to lose 35 pounds.



5 pounds a month is totally doable and realistic.  I’ve gotten pretty good at losing weight, but also good at putting it right back on.  Here’s where I figure out how to keep losing and keep it off.

Instead of looking forward 7 months, I’m going to focus on one month at the time.  Otherwise, I’ll slack feeling like I have plenty of time.  I’ve wasted enough time…33 years is long enough.

This month my focus will be to:

  • Eat less…duh.  Focus not so much on what I’m eating, but how much.  Keep from feeling deprived (and then rebellious), but keep it to small portions and stop eating before I’m full (because once I’m full, it’s too late and I quickly move to miserably stuffed).  My problem is that I always want one more bite, which leads to one more bite, which leads to me eating everything in sight.  This will be the hardest to do because if I couldn’t figure out how to STOP and LIMIT myself, I wouldn’t be where I am. 
  • Drink 100 oz of water a day.  That’s only 5 20oz bottles.  Drinking more water will reduce the amount of diet mt. dews and coke zeros I drink.
  • Limit alcohol, both the amount and the frequency.  It truly is empty calories, but worse it leads me to eat more and make poor decisions.  Also, happy hour and dinner usually replace exercising after work.  So, limiting one should hopefully increase the other.
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week.  Whether it’s the gym, tennis, walking/jogging/hiking outside, or DVDs at home…simply do something 4 times a week.  It’s all related because the more I exercise, the less I want heavy food or large portions and the more water I drink. 

~ by Mary Frances on March 26, 2011.

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