San Francisco

San Francisco was amazing.  I did a ton of sightseeing and lots and lots of walking.  You can’t understand the steepness of the hills until you’re going up and down them.  My hotel was in the area called Nob Hill.  It was at the top of the hills so no matter which direction I went, I had to go downhill and then walk back up hill when I was the most tired.  Of course uphill was hard.  But, downhill was nearly as hard as uphill and was painful for my back and gave me shin splints.  I rode the cable cars a few times, but they are always crowded and it was hard to get one. 

As I trudged up those hills, my legs turning to jello and my lungs burning, I realized how grateful I should be for the ability to walk up the hills.  My mom suffered a stroke and spent the last years of her life in a wheelchair.  My sister has cerebral palsy.  Walking up and down those hills wouldn’t even be an option for them.  Here I was taking my physical ability for granted (as I always do). 

Also, I knew I was in a better condition than I’ve been in the past, so the walking was easier than it would have been before.  So I began to walk more and choose walking rather than taking the cable car or muni.  But, I was also scared because my legs were killing me by the end of the trip and after going up the hills non-stop one time I was lightheaded.  I was able to keep my breathing steady, but the weakness and almost dizziness I felt was scary.  A wake up call that I’m getting better, but still have a long way to go.


~ by Mary Frances on May 7, 2011.

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