Running Away

The past few weekends I’ve been running away to the lake.  At times it’s been fun and exciting.  Other times it’s been relaxing and peaceful.  I’ve ridden the jetski, boat, inner tube, or just floated on the water.  I got stuck in a rainstorm when the jetski broke down.  One of the most fun days I’ve had lately.

Last weekend I took the dog down.  He wasn’t sure what to do in water where he couldn’t touch the entire time.  He’s used to creeks where he can splash and play, but always touch.  It took a little while with him pawing at the water, but he finally got in to swim a little…even at night.  Here are a few pictures (I can’t believe I’m posting pictures of me in a bathing suit).



~ by Mary Frances on July 27, 2011.

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