For my Health

There are various reasons I want to lose weight.  Most revolve around vanity and feeling better about myself.  But most important has to be my health.  This is no longer about being a certain size, looking a certain way, or liking what I see in the mirror.  It’s about my quality of life.  It’s about having a life at all.

My dad’s family has a history of heart disease.  My dad had to have bypass surgery several years ago.  I was put on blood pressure medicine a few years ago.  Last year, after losing weight and exercising regularly, I was able to come off the meds.  Lately, my blood pressure has been high again. 

I’ve had intense headaches that I think are linked to the blood pressure.  Last night and this morning I had a headache that wouldn’t budge.  Nothing made it go away.  My blood pressure was 146/96.  Those numbers are more important than the numbers on the scale or the number of the size of my clothes.  It’s time to stop playing around and time to get serious about my health.


~ by Mary Frances on August 21, 2011.

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