Yo Yo

Last week I was doing well.  I ate better and stuck to the lifting schedule of New Rules of Lifting.  As a result, I lost weight.  Proof this really works if you do it.

Then the weekend came and I ate the wrong things and drank too much.  I snacked instead of eating real meals.  Drinking too much Saturday led to a nasty hangover Sunday that made me skip breakfast but then have a greasy burger for lunch.

I’ve said before that I’m a creature of habit.  So those two days were enough to throw everything off. This past week has been a series of false starts.  I start each day with good intentions and end the days eating or drinking something I shouldn’t.  I didn’t exercise at all.  So I gained weight.  Proof eating/drinking too much and no exercise makes you gain weight.

I know what to do.  I’ve done what needs to be done.  Why do I fall backwards and mess up all the good I’ve done?  Will I ever figure out how to keep the momentum going once I get back on track? Why do I always fight so hard against myself? 


~ by Mary Frances on August 21, 2011.

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