About Me

I’m 32 and haven’t been thin since the second grade.  I’ve tried every diet imaginable but I always yo-yo back to around 220 lbs.  I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and I’m ready to make real changes to finally lose the weight once and for all.  I feel like every year that passes is time I’ve wasted and get never get back.  I’m sick of wasting time and tired of the yo-yo roller coaster. 

I, of course, want to lose the weight to look better, to feel better.  I want to be strong and fit.  I want to be more adventurous and become the girl that goes for hikes and bike rides instead of sitting on the couch watching tv.  But, more importantly, I need to be healthy.  My entire family is overweight.  Most of my mom’s family have diabetes.  My mom was diabetic, had a stroke, was on dialysis, and passed away recently due to complications from an additional stroke.  My dad’s family has a history of heart disease.  He had to have bypass surgery a few years ago.  I already have high blood pressure.  I have finally get serious about getting healthy.  Here’s my attempt to do just that.

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